Ozark Rape Crisis Center (ORCC),
is a private, non-profit organization committed to addressing the serious problems related to sexual violence. ORCC provides 24-hour crisis intervention services and emotional support to victims of sexual violence in Boone, Carroll, Johnson, Marion, Newton and Searcy counties in Arkansas and maintains full-time offices in Harrison and Clarksville. The mission of ORCC is as follows:

1) To provide immediate crisis intervention services and emotional support to victims of sexual violence and to their loved ones.

2) To increase community awareness and understanding of crimes involving sexual violence.

3) To serve as a catalyst for effective change to improve the response of the health care, law enforcement and criminal justice systems to sexual violence.

4) To increase awareness in the community of resources and services available to victims of sexual violence and assure that victims have access to all of these services.

ORCC offers the following services:

24-Hour Crisis Hotline - Trained advocates offer information and emotional support to survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones.

Victim Advocacy - Advocates will accompany victims to hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and court proceedings to provide assistance and support throughout the medical, legal, and criminal justice process.

Information and Referral Services - Follow-up care is available for all victims of sexual violence, including referral to other service providers for help in easing the physical and emotional pain of sexual violence.

Support Groups - Support groups are available for survivors of sexual violence. Separate groups are offered for family members and close friends.

Community Education - The staff of ORCC is available to make presentations to schools, churches, businesses, and other community organizations on issues related to sexual violence awareness and prevention. In service training for area professionals is also available.